About buzzbox

buzzbox premium cocktails are fun, fashionable, and portable.  Available in eight delicious cocktails, every buzzbox premium cocktail is crafted with  100% natural ingredients, no chemicals, no additives or preservatives - 100% natural.  These tasty, creatively concocted libations have NO preservatives, and are the first ready-to-drink cocktails that come in 100% airtight packaging... this packaging gives buzzbox cocktails a shelf life of an amazing 18 months. (like they’re gonna last that long around the house). buzzbox premium cocktails are all crafted with premium alcohol and only all- natural ingredients.  buzzbox cocktails are gluten-free, have no GMOs, carry a Kosher certification, and can be served your way: poured over ice, sipped through the spout, or enjoyed directly through the attached straw (ladies…that means no lip gloss malfunctions!).

The bottom-line buzz is this: We Go Where You Go!  Whether you’re in the mountains, at the ocean, or hanging out at home. If you like to mesh with a Margarita, love on a Long Island, chill with a Cosmo, or breakfast with a Bloody Mary, buzzbox is your premium happy hour.